The SPIRE Handbook

Many of you were disappointed when the free copies of the SPIRE Handbook ran out. I am delighted to inform you that a reprint is now available to order.

As the reprint is being handled outside the original EU funded project a charge is being made for single copies of 25 Euro excluding postage. If you are interested in ordering multiple copies please contact for a quotation.

To place an order download and return the order form with your payment or credit card information to the:

Centre for Software Engineering, Dublin City University Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland
or Fax to +353 1 7005605

If you have any queries please contact us on + 353 1 700 5750.

- Better, Faster, Cheaper Software Development in Small Companies

The SPIRE Case Studies should convince you of the business case for your company to invest in SPI. The SPIRE Handbook will help you take the next steps, actually making it happen!

This valuable book is written in clear English with the minimum of technical jargon. It is divided into 3 parts:

ISBN 1-874303-03-7
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