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CSE Mission:

Promoting Software Engineering Professionals, Innovation Professionals, and Technology as Innovation Enabler.


Innovation is intrinsic to all aspects in the operation of business. It becomes a key element in the development and implementation of new systems in the organisation.

An effective management of innovation requires an environment conducive to creativity, initiative and change, an infrastructure that supports the stages in the innovation cycle, an innovation management system, and a strategy for innovation that is a key driver of corporate strategy.

The CSE has a history of supports for innovation through planning, training and mentoring, and periodic assessment of innovation capability and success.


Agility is key to the structure, operation and management of many projects. It is particularly relevant to larger and more complex projects.

It has achieved wide usage in software projects since its inception in the late 1990s and introduction by the CSE in Ireland with DSDM and XP and SCRUM. These have been further enhanced with additional techniques and philosophies and management thinking. This has helped to make Agile applicable to a wider range of projects and other works where a lifecycle approach applies.


The practices of good software development requires a number of frameworks to meet user requirements in an efficient and quality manner. This combination has evolved and matured over a number of years. Many software projects have become increasingly more complex as applications have entered new realms of activity and sophistication.

The CSE initiated many key frameworks in the Irish market, including software process management, agile project operation, software design principles and patterns, object orientation, advanced coding standards, requirements engineering and structured testing. The software development environments, representing the technical infrastructure has also evolved, and resulted in a number of extensive technology stacks.


These major areas of endeavour represent the central planks of the Centre for Software Engineering’s attentions.

Apart from the mainline training, mentoring workshops, and assessment and advisory services, the CSE explores new developments through presentation and discussion forums.

CSE Upcoming Training Events


Requirements Engineering
Agile Project Management
Agile Software Design
ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing
Agile Workshop Programme
Innovation Strategy
Project Management Programme
Fundamentals of Innovation


The Innovation Project
The Innovation Network
Innovation Leadership
Technology and Innovation
Business Model Innovation and Value Mapping

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