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>/CSE Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy services which can be carried out as individual assignments or which can be packaged together with in-house training (from our portfolio of public courses, or specifically tailored for your needs). While providing a service to all size of companies, we are particularly conscious of the issues which are specific to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

Our approach allows us to combine our expertise with your problems to produce a solution both appropriate and relevant to your specific situation.

Previous Assignments include:
  • mentoring for companies to help them implement a Quality System including preparation and pre-assessment for ISO 9001:2000
  • informal and formal CMM assessments
  • process improvement strategy and implementation of an improvement programme suitable for your organisation
  • advice and assistance on introducing RAD, object technologies and component-based development
  • advice and assistance on product strategy
  • advice and assistance on R&D strategy and capability improvement
  • assistance in the preparation of applications for Grant Aid for feasibility study and R&D projects
  • product evaluations in terms of the feasibility of product development and also end product quality
  • advice and assistance on business strategy
  • advice and assistance on implementing cultural change
  • advice and assistance on evaluating and introducing emerging software technologies
  • advice and assistance on Intellectual Property Rights
  • a mediation and arbitration service

If you would like to talk to us about any concerns you might have then simply call us on:
+353 1 700 5750 or email cse@dcu.ie

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Dublin City University Tel: +353 1 700 5750, Fax: +353 1 700 5605,