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The CSE offer a number of special programmes each offering the opportunity to learn from experts and work with others.
We have programmes targeted at companies wishing to undertake Software Process Improvement. Each is based around a different process improvement model (ISO 9001:2000 and SPICE) and each provides a combination of training and mentoring to help you and your company achieve your goals.   We also run 2 programmes aimed at the individual. One is aimed at realitively inexperienced staff and covers a wide range of software engineering topics. The other is aimed at new or existing project managers and provides in-depth training in that area.
The Implementation Support Programme for ISO 9001:2000 has been offered by CSE for many years and provides a low cost option for small software companies wanting to implement a Quality System but without the internal expertise to do it on their own. Although the programme uses ISO 9001:2000 as a framework many companies have used it without ever wanting ISO certification.
Graduate Training Programme is aimed at recent graduates with,at least, 6-months of experience working in industry and is designed to round off undergraduate skills already gained. The programme emphasises 'real-world' issues, and material not generally covered, or appropriate, within normal undergraduate courses, but which is essential for effective good practice in employment as a software developer.
The SPI - the easy way programme has been designed to help companies through their first improvement project. This is done in conjunction with a Mentor, so there is no need to feel isolated or uncertain at any point.
An assessment is carried out, using the SPICE model, to ensure that the project, selected and undertaken within the programme, will meet the business needs of the organisation.
Software Project Management Training Programme is aimed at those who have responsibility for a software project, or who may have in the future. It will also be of interest to Project Managers who require an in-depth review of the discipline.

We offer an additional programme for companies with whom we hope to develop a close relationship:

The CSE Corporate Membership Scheme offers your company the opportunity to become a Priority Client of the Centre and avail of a range of benefits, including training discounts and access to our on-line E-Business Technology (EBT) repository. Our Priority Clients are the primary focus for CSE's mandate of improving software quality and productivity.
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