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The cse primarily serves software or software intensive organisations. These include software product and software services companies, embedded software systems companies and in-house software organisations.

Services are provided in three main areas:

Strategy   Process   Design

Strategy: services apply to strategic company management, and to all aspects of the management of research and development.

It is relevant to companies that are determining many aspects of the direction of their enterprise, or repositioning in the light of experience to date or new opportunity's arising. It is also relevant to those establishing an R&D capability or increasing the capability of the existing R&D operation.

These services apply to start up and early stage companies, and also apply to more mature companies. more>>


Process: Services apply to the introduction and improvement of a process approach to business.

It is relevant where there is a new organisational development, and/or a need for greater efficiency and control, and/or wish to improve on past experience.

While control is of interest to companies from an early stage and smaller size, formal process improvement is typically of concern to more mature companies and in-house software organisations. more>>


Design: services apply to the introduction and evolution of well-designed software with the quality attributes that will ensure its efficient development during the product life and its continued acceptance by the market and its users.

It is relevant to those organisations that plan to adopt a modern robust efficient approach to software development.

These services apply to early stage companies, more mature companies and in-house software organisations in the development of a green field system, complete redesign of an existing system, wrapping of an existing system to interface with a new system and re-factoring of parts of an existing system. more>>

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