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>/CSE Projects
Over the years the CSE has been involved in a number of colaborative projects including EU funded projects which have produced valuable sources of information in the form of newsletters and published case studies. These are available in electronic copy either in html or pdf format or hard copy.

North-South Software Quality Network

North-South Software Quality Network (2000), produced 7 case studies that summarise the experience and importance of software quality to companies in the region (six counties in the North and the five border counties in the South).

>/EU Funded Projects:
Software in Focus (1998 - 2000), produced 15, 8 page newletters covering key aspects of SPI with contributions from many of the European and American gurus in the field. Visit the web site to download the Newsletters.
SPIRE (1997-1999), produced, as part of the project, short case studies documenting process improvement projects undertaken by companies. These were as aimed at SPI decision makers and change agents.
ESPINODE Ireland (1998 -1999). As part of the project a directory of SPI resouces was developed.
ESSI-SCOPE (1997-1998). The web site provides an excellent source of information on all aspects of product quality.
TRISPIN completed in August 1996, with partners in the North of Ireland. As part of the project published SPI case studies and a Newsletter. Electronic copies of the case studies and Newsletters are available on the web site.


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