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The CSE have a range of ipublications and information resources which we would encourage you to use, many are available on this web site in pdf format which you can download using Acrobat Reader If you would like paper copies of any of the Newsletters or Case Studies or want to know how to obtain any of the books listed please contact us, admin@cse.dcu.ie, 01 700 57

>/Technical Briefing Notes

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The CSE Newsletter was produced twice a year, hard copies can be obtained from CSE Administration. Download the most recent issues here.

Previous Issues

The Spire Handbook
The SPIRE Handbook:
Better, Faster, Cheaper Software Development in Small Organisations 
Authors:SPIRE Project Team Centre for Software Engineering, 2000 
(version 2), ISBN 1-874303-03-7
Achieving Software Product Quality
Achieving Software Product Quality
Editors: Erik van Veenendaal and Julie McMullan on behalf of the 
ESSI-SCOPE project Team Tutein Nolthenius, 's Hertogenbosch, The 
Netherlands, 1997, ISBN 90-72194-527
Software Quality:
A Framework for Success in Software Development and Support places 
quality in the context of best software engineering practice and 
provides a roadmap for companies to develop their own quality system. 
It emphasizes the need to integrate the quality of support with the 
quality of the product. Authors: Joc Sanders and Eugene Curran, 
Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-63198-9
Other CSE books including:
An Introduction to Cost Estimation - Developing Quality Software on 
Time and within Budget and the Colloquium Series
>/Case Studies
SPIRE case Studies
Download the SPIRE case Studies, giving you access to the experience of others who have already benefited from software process improvement.
North-South Software Quality Network (2000), produced 7 case studies that summarise the experience and importance of software quality to companies in the region (six counties in the North and the five border counties in the South).
SPI case studies
TRISPIN ,completed in August 1996, with partners in the North of Ireland published SPI case studies and a Newsletters.
>/CSE Library
The CSE Library is stocked with up to date books, journals, reports and standards relevant to Software Engineering. You are welcome to come and use the library (access is free to Corporate Members), simply go to become a member to get more details or contact us directly.
(Access restricted for Corporate Members only)


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