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Software Process Improvement Programme (REACH) Issue: October 2005

Our REACH programme has now commenced. However, we hope to run further programmes in the future. click here for an overview of the programme>>

Training Schedule Issue: October 2005

Our public training schedule up until December 2005 is now available on-line or you can download the entire schedule for Jul-Dec 2005 in pdf. click here to get the pdf>>

Innovation Programme Issue: September 2005

Our innovation programme has started but a further programme is being planned. contact us>>

R&D Model Issue: September 2005

If you are interested in evaluating your company's capability to deliver R&D projects that forge competitive advantage in your industry sector, you may wish to benchmark using our R&D model. contact us>>

Doing business overseas? Issue: August 2005

For software companies interested in doing business overseas, addressing countries in Asia & Middle East, CSE can help identify and assist in making contact with resellers. contact us>>

Company Capability Model Issue: July 2005

For ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators, CSE can assist in establishing and getting to market with the help of our company capability model. more info>>

Software Project Management Programme Issue: June 2005

Our Software PM training programme has just successfully completed. We will be commencing a further programme later in the year. click here for details on the programme>>

Profiling the Innovative Company Issue: March 2005

The innovative company is distinct in many respects and especially in its ability to stand out from the crowd and reach for the stars. A talk at invent @ DCU on Wednesday 30th March by Michael O'Duffy looked at what made a business innovative. click here for more on invent @ DCU>>

CSE Promotes Innovation Issue: February 2005

The CSE is engaged in a number of initiatives in promoting innovation. Among the early events was a talk by Michael O'Duffy at DCU's invent on 16 February on the business benefits of innovation. click here for details on DCU's invent>>

Software Project Management Programme Issue: January 2005

Our Software PM training programme has just commenced. However, we will be commencing a further programme later in the year. click here for details on the programme>>

CSE hosts and presents to Iranian Trade Visit Delegation Issue: December 2004

The CSE was pleased to host and make a presentation to an Iranian trade visit delegation including IRICA the Informatic Companies Association, MAGFA the Information Technology Development Center and 20 of the largest IT companies..... click here for full story>>

New Courses Issue: November 2004

We are planning to run a number of exciting new courses in 2005:

Software Project Management - The Core Practices in Depth (5 days)

Project Management for E-Business (2 days)

Introduction to Software Testing (1 day)

keep an eye on our training pages>>

Graduate Training Programme Issue: April 2004

CSE's Graduate Training Programme has just completed successfully. We plan to commence the programme again in the future and will be holding free briefings to tell you all about it.

Great Software Debates Issue: April 2004

Al Davis presented to over 50 companies at an event on 5 April 2004 hosted by DCU and CSE. Al presented his views on key issues for the future of the software industry. Topics addressed included software company structures, the role of research, products and processes. click here for more info on Al Davis>>

Software Process Improvement - Special Event Issue: March 2004

The CSE held a special event entitled "Leveraging Software Process Improvement for Business Benefits" at the Guinness Storehouse on 10 March 2004. It was attended by an invited audience of senior executives from the larger IT and software organisations. click here for full story>>

More OO Immersion Issue: Dec 2003

Our "Effective OO Design" course was delivered here at CSE on 9-12th December. As per its predecessor course "Effective OO Programming Using Java", it was enthusiastically received by participants from a number of well established software organisations and will be scheduled to run again in Q1 2004. check dates and details>>

Object Technology Immersion Issue: Nov 2003

Our "Effective OO Programming Using Java" course was delivered here at CSE on 11-14th November. It was enthusiastically received by participants from a number of well established software organisations and will be scheduled to run again early in 2004. The follow up course "Effective OO Design" will run in December 2003. check dates and details>>

Graduate Training Programme Issue: October 2003

Our Graduate Training Programme has just commenced and will run until April next year. However, we do intend to run this programme again early next year.

Press Section Issue: Sept 2003

The CSE has been receiving much publicity in recent times. Some press articles are now available on this site. more>>

The cream of China's IT industry to meet Ireland's software companies Issue: August 2003

Already in Ireland for 3 months, a number of senior technical personnel, including six VPs, are visiting Ireland from some of China's foremost software organisations. Their aim is to improve their technical and management skills, and learn from the successes of the Irish software industry. They also hope to develop enduring relationships with Ireland. more>>

Advanced Software Engineering Programme Issue: April 2003

First group of IT professionals from China, embark on CSE's 6 month Advanced Software Engineering Programme.

DCU restructures Centre for Software Engineering Issue: March 2003

Following a review of the operations of the Centre for Software Engineering at Dublin City University, the board of directors took the decision to restructure the company and give it an extended role in the context of serving the continuing needs of the software marketplace.

Under the restructuring, Mr Michael O’Duffy has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and has taken a significant stake in the company. Mr O’Duffy has been with the Centre for Software Engineering for over ten years and has played a crucial role in identifying industry trends with a view to supporting software companies in their strategic and technical development.

Dublin City University remains actively committed to supporting the Centre for Software Engineering and the important role it plays in providing a range of high level consulting services to senior management in the software sector in Ireland. In addition to the industry training, CSE will continue to work on a one-to-one basis with individual companies and to provide specialist programmes such as the upcoming Software Project Management Programme.

The University is particularly keen to expand the services of CSE into new markets and to develop closer links between the academic schools and CSE. DCU is pleased to announce that the Chinese Government, through the CITEF agency, has named the CSE as the preferred supplier of IT training to industry. The first group of Chinese IT professionals will arrive in Dublin next month. In addition, the DCU Business School will participate in the delivery of training services to Iran and, in another agreement, CSE has formed an alliance with UK consulting company, Corus Consulting, to jointly provide training services to the Iranian national steel industry.


Publication: siliconrepublic.com
Published: 25 June 2004
Article: The Friday Interview: Michael O'Duffy, Centre for Software Engineering

As someone so close to the software business, it clearly irks Michael O’Duffy that major IT projects often come in for bad press or are unfairly perceived as failures. full story>>

Publication: Irish Times
Published: 19 September 2003
Article: Chinese team up with Irish IT experts

High-level Chinese IT managers are upgrading their tech skills at DCU and adjusting to the relaxed pace of life. full story>>

Publication: siliconrepublic.com
Published: 4 September 2003
Article: CSE sets sights on new opportunities
The bursting of the tech bubble has claimed some notable scalps but the Centre for Software Engineeing (CSE) was not expected to be one of them. However, the respected training and consultancy organisation came within a whisker of closure when it ran into funding difficulties earlier this year. Long-time employee Michael O’Duffy (pictured) put together a rescue package and, as its new chief executive, he is determined to put the bad days behind him.  full story>>
Publication: Software Focus
Published: 4 September 2003
Article: Chinese Partners
The Centre for Software Engineering (CSE) at Dublin City University has added an extra strand to its technical and management training programme for Chinese software engineers. The centre wants to introduce these trainees to Irish software companies and to encourage the formation of commercial partnerships. Such linkages, it hopes, will enable more Irish firms to sell software into China, which is expected to become the world's largest IT market. full story>>
Publication: siliconrepublic.com
Published: 2 September 2003
Article: Chinese Puzzle 

Fourteen top software engineers from China are mid-way through a six-month training programme at the Centre for Software Engineering based at DCU in Dublin. The engineers, drawn from a range of top Chinese IT firms including the largest IT services company and the biggest computer manufacturer, are being taught by leading Irish software practitioners.

Publication: Irish Independent 
Published: 1 September 2003
Article: E-Visionary - Michael O'Duffy
What are the main challenges facing the Irish tech sector?
Three immediately occur to me, early stage funding, achieving critical mass, and moving up the value chain
First, a key feature of longer term success.........full story>>
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