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>/Fundamentals of Agile Project Management
2 Day Training Course
9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (Registration 9.15 a.m.)
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
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The Event
The recent emergence of Agile Methods represents an exciting opportunity for organisations to establish a proven software process that is results focussed while placing minimal overhead on the company.

Unlike traditional “heavyweight” processes, Agile Methods expect and welcome change. They are built around an ethos of developer and customer collaboration.

Agile Methods deliver customer requirements through early and continuous delivery of valuable software, in contrast to the traditional approach of a long development time before implementation.

Agile Methods are also particularly designed for smaller people-oriented companies working in a dynamic environment and relying on the creativity and skill of their developers to drive company growth.

Agile Project Management represents a paradigm shift for Project Managers familiar with a traditional environment. Fundamentals of Agile Project Management will help smooth this transition and provide the necessary skills to manage an Agile Project successfully.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for people who want a grounding in Agile Project Management principles and practices. It is applicable to Project Managers, Team Leaders or other Management with an interest in Agile Development



800 Euro

25% Discount for Corporate Members

Fees will not be reimbursed and will remain due in full if cancellations are received less than 7 working days before the course starts. However, names of participants may be substituted at any time. Fees include course material and lunch. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

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The structure of the course is modular and covers the following topics:
  • Overview of Agile Methods

  • Unified Process, Lean, Scrum and other methods

  • Limitations of the Agile Approach

  • Managing formal projects with iterative lifecycle development

  • Evolutionary requirements analysis

  • Agile design and modelling

  • Documentation on iterative projects

  • Iterative and agile project management

  • Estimating and scheduling iterative projects

  • Iterative Project Risk Management

  • Tracking progress in iterative development

  • Managing Larger Projects

  • Contracts on an Agile Project

The course includes a number of exercises, built around a real-life Case Study


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