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>/Implementation Support Programme for ISO 9001

Since the launch of the new ISO Standard (ISO 9001:2000) in December 2000 CSE has been working to help software companies to both implement new Quality Systems, or to upgrade existing systems to meet the requirements of the new standard.

The experience to date has been very exciting. The new approach is far more realistic, removing a significant proportion of the bureaucracy previously associated with the standard. Companies are now starting to see Quality Systems in a new light, actually helping them to do things more effectively and to more easily understand where problems occur and why, so that they can resolve them rather than perpetuating them in future projects.

So if your software development needs a structured approach which is not procedure based (only 6 core procedures necessary for the new standard!) but more about providing the appropriate records during development to show you are doing the right things, then ISO 9001:2000 may well be worth considering.

CSE has over 10 years experience helping all types of organisations to benefit from the right approach whether or not they need actual certification. The depth of our experience has enabled us to provide valuable support to companies from a range of sectors including Telecoms, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Engineering and of course Software Houses.

Implementation Support Programme - If you want to implement a Quality System but need support and guidance this is the one for you. The programme combines self assessment, training away from the office and on-site assignments to implement the key practices. A mentor is assigned to ensure progress is maintained and to offer one-to-one help as the project progresses. The mentor also carries out pre-assessment audits to ensure you are ready to apply for formal certification.

The flexible approach enables this programme to offer implementation to suit your individual time frame, each participant can work to their own timetable after the initial training sessions have been completed.

For more information download the full programme brochure here

During the year briefings are held for the Implementation Support Programme so if this is of interest let us know and we will add you to the enquiry list to be invited to attend the next scheduled date.

If you would like to know more about the above please contact us on 700 5750 or email admin@cse.dcu.ie to arrange a meeting to discuss your individual requirements.


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