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Software Process Improvement - Special Event cont. Issue: March 2004

The CSE held a special event on software process improvement at the Guinness Storehouse on 10 March 2004. It was attended by an invited audience of senior executives from the larger IT and software organisations.

The event was sponsored by Computer Associates, Mercury Interactive and Cresta Group.

Presentations were given by CSE consultants Ian Lawthers and Sarah Farrell, and by Anne Marie Quinlan from Friends First in their process improvement project.

A number of models were described. The new 2000 version of ISO 9000 which is more suited to software organisations than the 1994 version of the standard. Both SW-CMM and CMMi were described and compared. The benefits of process improvement were set out, together with some statistics on the benefits experienced to date.

Discussion focussed on the approach to be adopted in getting buy-in, getting management commitment, and planning and managing the improvement project. There was also special interest in choosing the model or framework as a reference for improvement and the circumstances in which a particular SPI model would be employed.

The Storehouse proved to be an interesting location for the event. A tour of the storehouse and a drink in the Gravity Bar was enjoyed by delegates and presenters at the end of a successful morning.



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