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>/North-South Software Quality Networks
In 2000 the Centre for Software Engineering and the Software Industry Federation in Belfast co-operated with IBEC and the Confederation for British Industry (CBI) in developing a North-South Software Quality Network.

The network covered the six counties in the North and the five border counties in the South. Due to its proximity to the border, the network also covered County Sligo. The network was aimed at software companies, or organisations with a software unit, that were situated in the region.

The objective initially was to organise a number of events to allow companies in the border region to promote best practice in software and to share experience. Although larger companies were free to participate, particular emphasis was be placed in providing support for SMEs.

Several case studies that summarise the experience and importance of software quality to seven companies in the region were produced.

In addition, a brochure to promote the network was developed and distributed to organisations in the region.

>/Case Studies
All case studies are in pdf format 
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